Do you bother with fuel discount dockets?

I used to use them, but now I couldn’t care less. The idea of dockets that give you a 4c/litre discount is in its fundamental state ridiculous and not worth the bother of scouting out a Coles or Woolworths to save a few dollars.

I know that every family shops, and the chances are that one will accumulate several of these dockets over a month, but the way I see it, the fact that there are independent service stations that often have the cheaper petrol negates these dockets and should consign them to the bin (unless, of course, there are good Hot Docket offers on the back of the dockets, but at the same time there is a website for Hot Dockets whereby these vouchers can be printed).

Let’s pay a visit to fuel price watching site Motormouth, which provides users with alerts as to where they can find the cheapest petrol. As of the time that I’ve written this post, the cheapest prices in Sydney are found at independent servos – see the search results below (because of my formatting the prices don’t show up, but I can assure you that these are the 6 cheapest outlets in Sydney). No sign of Coles or Woolies whatsoever. A separate search shows that you will still be paying a few c/L more if you hand over your discount docket (142.5c/L at Croydon, with the 4c/L already subtracted, is the lowest). I know that it’s Thursday and the prices will go down, so I’ll pay another visit to Motormouth on Tuesday and redo the searching. I highly doubt there’ll be any difference.

The post itself is fuelled (pun intended) by a report suggesting that Coles Express is the most expensive petrol retailer and wqas found to be selling its fuel 14 cents above the average price in Melbourne yesterday. See this Macquarie News story for details.

Sefton Petrol cnr Hector St & Waldron Rd 2162 Chester Hill 08/05/08
2:42 PM
Independent corner Canterbury Road and Fo 2194 Campsie 08/05/08
1:00 PM
Budget corner Princes Highway & Terry Street 2044 Tempe 08/05/08
1:10 PM
Total Fuel Lot 30 Old Campbelltown Rd 2566 Minto 08/05/08
2:41 PM
Independent Marion & Edgar 2200 Condell Park 08/05/08
12:03 PM
CMR Express corner Fairfield Road & Malouf Street 2161 Guildford 08/05/08
1:37 PM

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  1. where i shop they do not give out discount vouchers

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