British soldier sues over “Paris” nickname

Kerry Hylton doesn’t like the nickname that his fellow troops gave him, so he’s suing the army for race discrimination. Evidently this guy seems slightly incapable of taking a joke, plus his consideration of Paris Hilton as “a white woman with a low reputation” reads a bit racist given Hylton’s Jamaican heritage (although most would not question the reputation that Paris Hilton maintains – no need to add that she’s white IMO). Of course though, the claims that he was subjected to racist taunts in barracks should be investigated thoroughly.

Source: News Limited

EDIT: For the benefit of someone who questioned my source, saying “Err have you actually read the entire news story? Where did you get that Paris Hilton crap from??? You damn son/daughter of convicts!”, read this source and then if you’d like to apologise for me reporting factual news, I’ll gladly accept that apology and tell you to be more informed. The story from my source quoted the Daily Express newspaper, and here’s that Daily Express news story for the benefit of all concerned.


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