Another promise broken by the NSW Government…

…but I have to say that this one was more a case of foolishly promising too much instead of withholding something plausible. A proposed wireless broadband network for the Sydney CBD and other city centres around the metropolitan area has been scrapped. Roads Minister Eric Roozendahl has put on his commerce hat (seemingly for the first time some may say, since the only time we ever see him is when he defends road infrastructure) and said that the plan was technically and financially unviable – which would have been obvious in the first place, I’d have reckoned.

A comprehensive network to be used by hundreds of thousands of people would shift the costs from the consumers who usually pay generally reasonable prices for their networking and Internet usage to the Government, who, based on what we already know, should be pumping their revenue into far greater resource issues (not including the desalination plant by any means). I think that businesses would easily generate enough revenue in trading that they could invest in their own private systems and not have to leech off a third party.

Source: Sydney Morning Herald


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