Should girl mags lavish their readers with sex content?

The publishers of Dolly and Girlfriend magazines are claiming that their pubescent readership wants responsible sexual material that will help their development, and that the content that they offer fulfils those requirements. Hence they are rejecting calls for them to print an age audience recommendation on their magazines. The report from News LImited suggests that children as young as 11 are asking explicit questions relating to sexual activity.

This is a load of rubbish in my opinion, and clearly defiles the intention of sex as an act between married adults. Firstly, if teenagers are so keen to be assisted in their sexual development, their schools offer adequate “tuition” on puberty and the development of a person as they journey through adolescence, and so should their parents. I can’t imagine that a question by an 11 year old (whose mind should be as far from oran and anal sex as the sun is from Pluto) is at all edifying to them, and is indicative of the fact that promiscuity and fornication between teenagers is something for us to be very worried about.

I would say that if these magazine publishers are not going to classify their material (and it is a logically sensible idea considering the provision of classification levels in television, film and other media), they very diligently monitor the sort of stuff that they print. They shouldn’t be helping fuel feelings of lust and depravity in young people who have more pressing issues that they should be dealing with than issues relating to sexual activity. They can provide sensible, yet sensitive, information without becoming full of sleaze or prosaic soft pornography. Better yet, the parents should take the role that the media are claiming that they can offer, since one of their greatest concerns that their children grow up knowing the responsibilities and dangers of things related to sex.


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