100 Greatest Guitar Solos of all time

Read them here (as voted on by Guitar World readers). Compare this to another list of top guitar solos (which I think is far more accurate – which is of course slightly subjective, but how Hotel California’s solo can be left off the Guitar World list is beyond me. That, and Kurt Cobain is nowhere to be seen).

Personally I think that the test of a good soloist is if they can pull a solo off live and not just in the studio, where their mistakes can be easily masked by re-recording. Also, there are plenty of solos from other instrumentalists (sax players, bas splayers, banjoists, etc.) that I would say are more impressive than these guitar solos that seem to be lauded upon.

(h/t Craig)


One Response

  1. I’ve gotta say, the second list seems a lot more respectable.

    Maybe because I can’t see myself respecting any list that has “Maggot Brain” lower than number 10.

    I don’t think that just technical proficiency is the test of a great solo. It has to be an evocative experience. A guitarist that can pull pure, true emotion out of his instrument is a true artist. Hence, while “Maggot Brain” is not the most virtuosic solo I’ve ever heard, it’s heartrending. If George Harrison’s guitar gently weeps, Eddie Hazel’s can wail and sob.

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