Good News Week: Church in the Park/Dark

Sunday was once again a lottery in terms of the weather, with intermittent showers through the day. The first one started part way through Rob Smith’s sermon (which was a good exploration of the invitation from Jesus to come, all who are weary and burdened, so that he can give them rest). and lasted until lunch time. It was the only real dampener (pun intended) on a good service that featured Kids Club teaching everyone Colin Buchanan’s new song “Super Saviour” (which has an opening few seconds that are very, very reminiscent of Manfred Mann’s Blinded By the Light), and the general goings on of a church service. Les (one of our church wardens) said that he counted 120 adults, which probably isn’t too many more than a regular Sunday morning but indicative of the weather’s effect on the turnout.

Sunday night was similar, except Will did a great job leading the service (not to say that Gozzie didn’t in the morning, but Will and Gozzie are 2 very different kettles of fish), and there were plenty of new faces to introduce ourselves to (very pleasing in light of the weather). The cloud cover was breaking up a bit, so there wasn’t much of a risk of rain.

All in all, Sunday was a good representation of what goes on in the building at 29 Callisto Drive (which at the moment is in dire need of cleaning up and rolling up of drying marquee bits, which should happen tomorrow). It remains to be seen whether or not those who came to church for the first time will return next week, but we can only pray that God would work in their minds and hearts to consider coming back.


2 Responses

  1. Ha, kettles of fish?

    What fish are characterised by the kettles of each men?

    Glad to hear it went well, and in the serious department, Night would have been great, especially with Will leading and you guys playing, it would have been great!

  2. The haddock and the groper, the mullet and the trevally, the sardine and the bonito…I don’t really know. 😛

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