Phil Gould to Nathan Brown: Quit now and save your health

The former NRL coach has urged a coach who knows that he has no job secured next year to leave his post at the St George Illawarra Dragons (who are breathing out water vapour at the moment) before it affects his health.

If I were in Nathan Brown’s shoes (it is truly an unenviable position that he’s in), I’d have been out of there as soon as I’d been told that my job was going to somebody else next year. Ever since Wayne Bennett was announced as Brown’s successor a few weeks ago, the team has played with no inspiration, flair or determination. It must be an absolute embarrassment to those who heartily follow the Red V (such as my trusted brother in the faith Steve), and, above all, a blot on Brown’s coaching record (which, it must be said, is rather good for someone thrust into the job at an age where most rugby league players are still going strong and near their prime).

Look at Chris Anderson, whose life nearly hung in the balance a few years ago as he suffered with heart problems as the Australian test coach, and quit as the boss of the Sydney Roosters last year so that he could be assured that his health would be adequate to walk his daughter down the aisle. It was at a time where the Roosters, like the Dragons a club with several superstar players who weren’t at their best in 2007, had won just 5 out of 16 games before Anderson quit.

I hope that Anderson is one of those respected people in the game who Brown may be seeking counsel from, because it’s a prudent example of how the stresses of coaching a rugby league team with a proud heritage is one of the most stressful jobs in Australian sport.

Source: League HQ


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