Good News Week: Family Fun Day

I decided I’ll split my summary of the weekend events into the Saturday event and Sunday’s church services so that there wouldn’t be too much stuff to read in one block.

Saturday, despite a downpour in the morning as setup commenced, and a shower at about 11:50am (which was 10 minutes before things opened up at the park), the Fun Day was a reasonable success. It’s hard to quantify the number of people who will pass through the park during the 7 hour period in which there is activity of some sort, but I would estimate at least a couple of thousand people from the community came to enjoy rides (such as giant slides, a climbing wall and jumping castles), food (a cafe, BBQ and corn on the cob), and other activities designed to show how passionate our church is about the community.

A new innovation was the Big Pram Challenge, a concept whereby teams of 4 from schools, community groups, buinesses, etc. were encouraged to design and build a “pram” that could carry a baby of marriageable age. 4 teams (2 from our church, 1 from The Lakes Christian College, and 1 from The Good Guys Penrith) turned up to tackle a rather challenging course. I wasn’t there to witness the spectacle (or farce, fracas, contratant, etc.), but according to reports and photographic evidence, the Spider Pram (a Toms’ creation) won, despite a fall near the end of the course.

The Toms’ band (whho I will call Tomsong) played an energetic set of songs prior to the fireworks at 7:30pm. We started a bit late because we’d miscalculated when we should bring the drums down to the stage, but made up for the time as the time of the first firework had to be delayed due to the weather. As always, it was fun to play in front of a mildly interested crowd of people and try to engage them with songs that they may or may not have known. I left myself with a rather grainy throat after opening with an impromptu rendition of All Along the Watchtower (my mum told me that I had screamed too much, and I had to tell her that it was in the style of Dave Matthews, who tends to growl/shout part of the song), and following up a bit later with a version of When Love Comes to Town that sounded a bit different to the original (a bit more rootsy than all out blues). It was good though – maybe not as tight as it could have been, but we tried our best to be entertaining.

Fireworks were excellent, and our pyrotechnics expert Mark set it up brilliantly. Each time we have a fireworks display it seems to exceed the previous one and this one was a 10 minute skyshow that was no exception to this rule. After the show ended, it was time to start cleaning up and preparing for Sunday activities. After the necessary rearranging was done, some of us gathered up some firewood, half of a 44 gallon drum, some chairs, selected processed meats, a moderate amount of alcoholic beverage, and many, many hilarious stories as we whittled away the night hours. I left at 1:30am whilst the remainder, who were pretty much security guards for the night, continued in their merriment.

All in all, it was a good day of fun for all, I reckon. God was certainly moving through the park in conversations that we had with people, and considering the fact that as the sun rose last Saturday it looked as if there would be no fun had, none of us should have any reason to be disappointed.


4 Responses

  1. a great day so meny poeple seen God at work.
    the Big Pram Challenge was too much work the park is in need of some work was the church will pay or do. we need to hand out info on spy ,jaxs and FNL at face painting when we are talking to the kids

  2. I think the position of the face painting tent near the info tent was good – while I was on there with Les, a fair few face painted kids with parents drifted by and we had the chance to hand them a bookmark with the midweek group details.

    As for the park, I have my own views on people’s driving habits when on the park grounds that should be addressed. No way should there be the amount of tyre tracks still visible on the park as there are – I know that it was a little bit waterlogged but that simply means that more care has to be taken if you’re going to be taking your car on there to load/unload equipment.

  3. it how the BPC killed the park.

    kust thing to think about for next year

  4. Excellent, just excellent.

    I am sure the music was excellent as usual.

    What a terrific report of the goodness of God to keep that weather away for you all.

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