Finally I have a copy of Vintage Jesus!

Having listened to the sermons on which the book is based, I sort of know what to expect and know that it will be a faithful, forthright and passionate defense of the truth and person of Jesus Christ. I still need to read the last chapter of Confessions of a Reformission Rev (which I’ll do tonight), but I’ll try and “pen” a review of Vintage Jesus once I’ve read it.

Speaking of Confessions, here’s a good review of it that on the whole I agree with. Such a self analysis of the growth of a church can never afford to be a flowery salute to numerical growth, but must deal honestly and responsibly with the things that didn’t go well. Driscoll does this with his trademark candor, and whilst some of the examples are indeed confronting and may cause some to cringe, in my opinion they are examples that pastors would do well to consider as they seek to shepherd their church to Biblical holiness and conduct. I’m listening to a talk of his regarding Christ-centered preaching and in it he says very correctly that whilst pastors should not seek to be reckless, they should not seek to be too consevative and safe. Where there is an issue that they should address, they shouldn’t sugarcoat it and lessen the fact that the conduct that they may need to address in one of their congregation is sin that needs to be repented of. (h/t Gordon)


6 Responses

  1. I had it before you!

    And you work at the ‘Rong!

    Hurrah for me!

    (Sarcasm noted!)

  2. I respect the filling of orders based on who ordered the book before who…(no sarcasm, btw – I genuinely do respect that fact. In your case, Carl)

  3. The ‘harshness’ of some comments can be helpful for attention grabbing.

    I am thinking of using an example in my sermnon on temptation this week to speak of a mate of mine who has the job of airbrushing women for ralph magazine etc. He is a Christian bloke, and yet seemingly is not tempted by it, I reckon he is either homosexual or a eunuch.

    what do you think? too graphic?


  4. Erm…if he’s in the congregation, then yes. If not, it would be worthwhile if crafted appropriately.

    Then again, you’re coming up to 3 months and the coincidence is that 3 months is the most oft used period of time after which to conduct an initial performance review in the business world 😛

  5. he get to see the work of God. i have a friend used to put classification on movies. he had to find a new job for his faith. i have the book on mp3

  6. downloaded it last week from the talking book site

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