Good News Week ’08 finishes

I’ll write up something a bit more substantial later today, but the week’s over and it has to be said that despite the unpredictable weather in the form of stop/start showers through most of yesterday, Church in the Park/Dark went very well (particularly Dark, where we had at least a dozen or so new faces come and join us).

Stay tuned…


8 Responses

  1. a great week we rang Steve at 2.30 to get some food and he did not pickup the phone

  2. Great to hear, I will begin to pray for the follow up!

  3. The Lakes Christian College SuperPram was the show stopper. But I am biased.

  4. I was elsewhere while the perambulators were pushed around, so I can be completely objective comment (or more realistically, speak absolute unresearched drivel) on the race itself.

    Andrew, undoubtedly you refer to 2:30am, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Bondy was still waxing lyrical about skincare (true story – more to be revealed soon)

  5. bondy was rang 3 poeple for food

  6. Its irony that the name of Good News Week had almost lost all of its cultural relevance, until, thanks to Paul McDermott and half of Mikey Robins, the week again gave a double meaning to the week!

  7. Julie McCrossin v Claire Hooper. There’s a good blog question…*goes to answer it*

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