2020 Summit not worth the effort?

News Limited’s website says that the bulk of comments from its news stories indicate that Ruddfest (aka. the 2020 Summit) had little in the form of substance, innovative new ideas, and ordinary Australians. Being keen to see for myself whether such critical analysis was warranted, I downloaded the Initial Report that contains the ideas generated from the summit for a quick glean.

On the whole it seems that the document merely reinforces ideas and “needs” that have already been explored/raised in the past, and only in some places fleshes out these ideas for future application. I think Kevin Rudd will find himself in a rather sticky and unenviable position, in that he will feel the pressure to somehow enact as many of these ideas as possible without fail.

I’m not prepared to dismiss the notion of a summit as a waste of time, but as the years go by and come 2020, there’s no real progress in key areas, one can’t help but think that this past weekend will indeed be looked upon as a gathering of the elite who were just too unrealistic and ambitious for the good of the country.


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