Indian Premier League starts tonight!

Because of a busy day ahead tomorrow I won’t be watching the whole match on Channel 10, but Bangalore v Kolkata will be the first match in the inaugural Indian Premier League competition. It is sure to be a spectacle, the likes of which have never been witnessed on any cricket field anywhere on Earth. According to reports, the 2 captains (Rahul Dravid for Bangalore and Sourav Ganguly for Kolkata) will be bathed in a single spotlight as they head to the centre of the Chinnaswamy Stadium for the coin toss.

I can’t help but predict that this tournament will be an overwhelming success and a staple of the annual cricket calendar. The ICC surely cannot resist the calls from its international stars for the regular schedule of international one dayers and Tests to be modified so that the IPL can be staged with as many of those stars as possible – regardless of the exorbitant salaries that some of the elite players are being paid.


3 hours after thinking I’d posted this, I found I’d only saved it. All I can say is that Brendon McCullum is once again proving how explosive he is, and Kolkata likes gold a lot. To be honest, the shiny golden pads and helmets look so very ridiculous, but I guess it reflects the boldness and extravagance of this competition.


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  2. go Kolkata

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