Good News Week Sports Clinic

I really should update the church blog with this post, but I thought I’d wait a while and try to get some other thoughts from the different groups that happened over the past 3 days. Nevertheless it needs some attention from myself.

Good News Week is well and truly underway now, and I thought I’d give a brief rundown of what went on with our Sports Clinic. Despite threats of inclement weather, and lower than expected numbers (we averaged around 60 kids per day, where in previous years we’d usually average up to 100), it was still a fun time of learning about sport, and comparing the game of sport to the game of life as Gozzie spoke to the kids.

I was involved in leading the soccer component of the 3 days. After a year away from the clinic last year due to work commitments, it was good to get back into the swing of things, stretch slightly troublesome hamstrings as I launched balls into the air, and on the whole be a witness to kids who may never have considered who Jesus is. At the end of it, my main injury is a bump on the head that I think may have come from a head clash when jostling for a header this morning. The sore leg muscles are secondary injuries and proof that I need to get a bit of fitness into me.

Next year may see some changes, most notably in the sports done at the clinic. I personally feel that after a few years of the same activities and drills, it would be good to explore other sports that are fun and not too difficult to plan for. A couple of feedback forms had cricket as a recommended sport to do, and although the cricket season has just ended once GNW comes around, I would be very happy to help coach my favourite sport. It would probably help regain some of the numbers that we have lost (although they may have selected the Kids Club, Dance Clinic or Craft Club in preference).

Saturday is our Family Fun Day, which will be great. If it’s the Lord’s will, it will be a day where the rain stays away and thus encourages the people of Cranebrook to come out and join us in having some fun.


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  2. it was good to see that there were no non Christian sport stars this year

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