7 weeks for Barry Hall

My early estimate was sort of on the ball – the king hit on Brent Staker’s earned Barry a 7 week suspension. Fox Sport’s coverage of the goings on at the tribunal can be found here.

A lot has been said as to whether such actions on the sporting field should be treated as if they were performed in public, with comparisons made to the case of swimmer Nick Darcy and his assault of former Olympian Simon Cowley. I would say that if the consequences of the action were such that a player was severely impaired from charrying out their career as a professional sportsperson, there would be a case for bringing the action into the legal realm. In this case though, Staker’s found himself fortunate enough to be 50-50 for West Coast’s game on the weekend, so I think that it would be prudent to leave it be as a matter dealt with by the tribunal.


One Response

  1. Brent Staker need to get 4 weeks for the headbutt he gave barry hall hand

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