Church of England vicar spits at parishoners

Rev Tom Ambrose has been told to leave his post as the vicar of St Mary and St Michael Church in Cambridgeshire by July, according to this News Limited report. This is because of several alleged “offences” deemed unbecoming of a man who is charged to lead his flock in a manner worthy of the teachings of Scripture.

Some of the allegations and complaints, such as his use of a computer slideshow during a Christmas Day service, seem a bit trivial (unless the material contained in the slideshow was inappropriate), however to spit at parishoners is a rather vile and unloving action to take. Without knowing what was said in sermons where Ambrose was alleged to criticise churchwardens and other staffers, it’s hard to know whether or not that was inappropriate, however I feel that if a minister or pastor of a church has an issue with someone whom they are to lead as a congregational member, such issues must be resolved in private and not brought out into the open where humiliation and church disunity can be created.

If indeed Rev Ambrose is an aggressive arrogant and rude person, he would do well to repent of his errors and be reminded of the wise counsel of the epistle writers, who make it clear as to how leaders of a church should act.


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