Child Protection Training

I was present at a session at Glenbrook Anglican Church today to go through the issues relating to child protection and working with kids and young people in ministry. It was a valuable time of learning and preparation for our church’s mission week, where I’ll be helping out with the 3 day Sports Clinic. About 20 people from my church went along and I’m sure that they found it worthwhile as well.

It’s vitally important that anyone who serves in childrens’ or youth ministry is aware of the issues that those under their care may be dealing with in their lives, and know how to appropriately engage and interact with them. I’m not as actively involved with kids at church as others, so I found the details and material covered to be very helpful and informative, especially in terms of knowing how to identify possible child abuse and how to deal with it properly.

Find out more about the Anglican Youthworks Safe Ministry program here. I know that some of my readers would probably be involved in ministries where such training is required, so if you’ve never heard of this program, I’d highly recommend you get acquainted with it and find out what needs to be done.


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  1. thanks for the link!

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