The 30 Day Sex Challenge

Steve’s found a rather interesting “experiment” being run by a church in the US. It comes to us courtesy of the Relevant Church’s 30 Day Sex Challenge. The objective appears to be to get the married couples in the church to have sex every day for a month.

Of particular (and slightly puzzling) note is that in addition to the married challenge, there’s a guide for single people and unmarried couples to follow. I find it puzzling because even though it appears that the aim of the guide is to promote abstinence, I could sum up the challenge and exhortation in one word – Never. Day 2 asks the unmarried couple how they intend to introduce the idea of no sex for 30 days. In reality, a dating couple striving for purity in their relationship should be well into the motions of an idea that there’s to be no sex until they’re married – not see such a command as a temporary oath of keeping your clothes on and your hands off. Just seems a bit strange to me.

Also, there seems to be a rather unhealthy emphasis on focussing on meeting the partner’s emotional needs. Whilst I can see the importance of such needs amongst the realm of other needs that are to be fulfilled in a relationship/marriage, I don’t see the necessity of elevating that need above more needs (such as putting God first) that should take precedence.

All in all, seems like a rather jaded exploration and attempted actualisation of the self with a slight reference to God’s edict on marriage.


3 Responses

  1. Just found your blog. Good job. So no sex for a month, really???

  2. Thanks for actually reading my guide. But our church reaches people who are actually in “unGodly” relationships. We always encourage people to hold out till marriage. But in this series we took the AA approach to get singles to consider stop having sex. At least they might be righteous for 30 days. Is this any difference between asking believers to read the Bible for 30 days. As a side note many years of collective counseling by our pastoral staff tells us that people who do not have their “selfish” needs met usually end up in court. Relevant tries to reach an unbelieving world in an effective way rather than idealism. I will give you credit for at least looking at our material. I think if you finnish both the married and single questions you’ll find some real gems for relationships in a modern people; without compromising the message. A second side note, Just think of the small impact we had on the host of the morning show in AU. If I remebember correctly one of them is currently in a divorce.
    Thanks again,

    Here is the ironic part of the entire venture we ministered most to the secular media than anyone else. For this I thank God.

  3. James, thanks for your comment – I’ll have a closer look at it and see what I can find in light of what you’re saying. 🙂

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