Dubya, Kevin Rudd salutes you.

Sometimes political criticism is downright stupid. Such an example in my opinion is the furore that’s beginning to erupt over what Kevin Rudd deemed as a joke salute to George W Bush at a NATO summit. It’s a gesture that goes hand in hand (pardon the pun) with Paul Keating’s hand to the back of the Queen when she visited Australia back last decade – a seemingly innocent use of the hand that has been mocked and misunderstood by political figures who must have little to offer in terms of viable and real discussion matter on this,the last Friday before daylight savings finally ends in NSW.

The comment by Ark of Canberra that follows News Limited’s report of the backlash serves as some wise counsel to those who think this action belittles our nation. I’ve quoted it below:

The Salute originated in Europe in the ages of Knights who would lift their visors with one hand. It is a sign of respect and not only used by subordinates. In the Military, two officers of the same rank must salute each other when passing outdoors. Must’ve been a slow news day huh? Get over it.


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