Australia not a nation of tech heads

An interesting set of findings from a research survey conducted by Gizmo has been reported by News Limited’s Technology site.

It would be interesting to break these figures down into age demographics to see whether the majority of those who have troubles with their computer equipment are Generation X’ers and older. Considering the amount of IT assistance I provide to my mum when she has computer issues, I wouldn’t be surprised if younger people are shown to be more adept at troubleshooting by themselves without just leaving things be.

With the plethora of websites available for viewing when it comes to IT issues and solving hardware/software issue, there’s ample opportunity for users who are a bit more advanced in years and less adventurous in terms of upgrading their computing equipment and software to learn to do so safely. No computer user should have to spend more money than they need to, especially as the cost of living starts to increase.


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