April Fools Day contributions from across the Web

Google has contributed to this day of fraudulent news stories and innovations with its gDay search “feature”.

Virgin Blue is offering discounted fares if you’re willing to stand up for the duration of your flight (according to an ad in today’s Daily Telegraph and mentioned in this News Limited story)

    I was thinking about sending an email to everyone in the company announcing my resignation as an April Fools joke, but decided against it in the end…

    EDIT: A rather amusing story has come from New Zealand about a radio station who pretended that the Foo Fighters would be performing and received a lot more interest than they’d anticipated. Sydney Morning Herald story can be found here.


    2 Responses

    1. yeah, im not sure including yourself in the fools day joke is the way to go, it can just turn out nasty when the ‘i was just joking’ comes out

      im just hoping bennett is not one of those foolsday jokes

    2. Yeah, exactly – especially when I end up close to being sacked for it or something…

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