A post by Craig on his recent purchase of an electric guitar has prompted me to start a guitar discussion, since I love playing the instrument, both electric and acoustic styles (I’m more proficient at acoustic than electric, although I’m working hard on my electric skills). I have 4 guitars (2 Cort acoustic/electrics – 1 in standard tuning and 1 in raised B tuning – and 2 electrics – a Squier Telecaster Custom and Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plus) and use all of them semi-regularly, both in church and live gig settings. They’re not expensive guitars, but still good quality (which is an important aspect of music ministry in my opinion – your instruments need to be good quality and produce a sound worthy being sung to). Music is a great passion of mine and a gift that I know that God enables me to use for his glory, and I’ve been able to teach others music and see them join our church’s music ministry.

If you’re an axeman, what do you use?


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