Workplace incentives

A survey of 1000 workers by UK consulting firm White Water Strategies found saying “thank you” often has the same impact on job satisfaction as a modest pay raise. The article from News Limited’s Business section indicates that the consequences of not enough verbal recognition are quite alarming from the perspective of an employer.

My personal belief is that the main talker should definitely be the company when it comes to ensuring that workers feel comfortable in their job. Even though the cost of living is increasing and pay rises could be seen as more beneficial to the average employee, I see the value both in being verbally affirmed in the work I’m doing, and giving verbal affirmation to those I work with. Not only should bosses be about delivering praise and recognition when it is warranted, but fellow employees should also be actively involved in such recognition to ensure a cohesive workplace. Since the workplace is all about teamwork and cooperation, it seems to make sense that if the praise and pats on the back come from more than just the upper rung of management, the trust between workmates will naturally grow.

I’ve been askd by my boss to think about ideas and ways that efficiency and customer service quality can be increased in the workplace. Whilst he’s very good at delivering regular and appropriate praise, I’d say that continued recognition (not only from him, but from everyone in our workplace) will enhance the attributes that we’re being asked to consider. I’m also working on developing staff relationships outside of the workplace, and asking everyone to think about how we could organise a suitable recreational activity to help foster such relationships. To me, simply knowing and conversing with your workmates within the walls of your business doesn’t serve much purpose, unless of course you’re merely happy to tolerate their presence in the workplace and not make an effort to know their interests outside of it.

What do you think are the most effective ways of ensuring that staff in your workplace enjoy doing their job, and enjoy good rapport with each other?


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