Is this architectural sacrilege?

The skyline of Paris is about to change – pretty significantly in my opinion.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that the Eiffel Tower will have a viewing platform added to it to increase the viewing area for visitors. As you can see, it will ensure that the tower’s elegant sloping and tapering shape will be altered in such a way that the viewing platform makes the tower look more like Seattle’s Space Needle than the iconic symbol of the French capital that next year will turn 120.

If the article was dated 1 April, I would be a bit more certain that this was little more than a Parisian April Fools joke. Sadly, it seems that a piece of architectural elegance is going to be remodelled to cater for the typical French tourist. I’m not sure what the reaction would be in France, but I think that it’s a ludicrous project to even consider, let alone award a tender for. It’s almost like giving the Sphinx a facelift, painting the Sydney Opera House blue, or cement rendering the Pyramids – the beauty is in a form that is recognised worldwide as a symbol of the country that it stands in, and to touch it for the sake of ensuring that more people can get to the top of it doesn’t seem worth it.


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