Badminton match fixing

China’s Olympic badminton coach is full of pride after his admission of ordering one of his players to deliberately play poorly at the 2004 Athens Olympics. Ninemsn’s report states that the winner of the semi final, Zhang Ning, won the match because the coach thought she wouldhave a better chance of winning gold than her fellow Chinese opponent, Zhou Mi (who, unsurprisingly, defected to Hong Kong).

Considering that Marion Jones recently had her gold medals from the 2000 Olympics taken from her because of her admissions of steriod use, there’s merit for a similar action to be taken here against both the coach and Ning. Even though she may not have known what her coach’s plan was, she was the beneficiary of an action that was against good sportsmanship, and the IOC would do well to look into this matter and decide what the implications are of the coach’s action. Ensuring that athletes compete without undue pressure and on a level, unbiased playing field is important, not just from the perspective of eliminating drugs from sport, but from the perspective of the cruelty and injustice of match fixing.


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