Parliamentary decorum

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I don’t know how to embed this, but if you go to the 2GB website and go down to the video highlights, click on “SCHOOLYARD BEHAVIOUR IN PARLIAMENT”. It shows a 45 second or so video clip of Kevin Rudd speaking in the House of Representatives about the passing of former Australian cricketer Bill Brown earlier in the week. What seems to draw the viewers’ attention more isn’t the respectful words of Rudd, but the childish and disrespectful banter between Deputy PM Julia Gillard and Transport Minister Anthony Albanese as they laugh and hide behind the PM. It takes a backbencher to remind them of what they should be doing, after which Albanese sneaks off. It’s just plain stupid, really, and whilst in some ways unsurprising given the slanging matches and hurling of insults that often takes place, it’s something that Rudd would do well to address with his cabinet members. If I were to be speaking and paying respect to a person recently departed, I’d expect those behind me to be listening as opposed to gossiping literaly behind my back.

The Opposition won’t be getting off scot free in this reflection. Revelations that former Howard government ministers are behind a push for shadow ministers to receive salary increases are laughable at best, and unasamedly greedy at worse. Serving one’s electorate seems to be more often than not motivated by the wrong things, and these pollies should be a bit more wise with their salaries, just as all employed persons should be doing. I’d prefer to see the inflated earnings of Government ministers brought back down as opposed to Opposition frontbenchers going up, and the money saved go into far more worthwhile initiatives that help the community as opposed to a “privileged” few (such as the national mens’ health policy that I briefly looked at a few days ago).


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