Dump Good Friday for a day of reconciliation?

This seems to be the vision of a man of the cloth, no less. News Limited reports of the view of Rev John Evans, of the Church of All Nations in Melbourne, who cites the multifaith/multiculture nature of Australia as a reason why Good Friday may not be appropriate as a public holiday.

It’s tragic that a person who should be promoting the sacred nature of the day on which Christans remember the crucifixion of Jesus Christ is instead effectively calling on those Christians to keep their remembrance private and not bother the rest of the world. Why put the focus on those who see the day as a day off from work and ignore the truth of the crucifixion? Evans’ suggestion waters down the truth of reconciliation, despite his claims to the contrary. Whilst reconciliation between people of different races is important, it should not diminish the need for all people to be reconciled to their Creator.

Evans should remember where he is called to place his priorities and not fall for the pitfalls and traps of appeasing the ideology of political correctness. Having Good Friday as a public holiday symbolises the fact that all people should cast aside the busynes of their daily lives and look to the cross, where there is mercy, rest and hope through the scrifice of Christ.


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