5 Aussie men commit suicide daily

It’s quite a shocking statistic that has come out during a forum in Canberra today. News Limited reports that Professor John Macdonald from the Australasian Men’s Health Forum stated it’s a 5:1 ratio of suicidal males to suicidal females.

With the pressure placed on men in the family and the workplace, it’s to a degree not much of a surprise that so many men are feeling depressed and tempted to give up on life. These statistics could easily rise with the increased costs of life, which may lead men to try and work longer hours to ensure they make enough money to provide for their families.

It’s clear that such issues would be assisted by a national policy concentrating on men’s physical, mental, emotional and social health, but for churches with dedicated ministries to men in their congregations (or those considering such a program), it provides a means for building up stronger brotherhoods with fellow Christian men and sharing advice on how to counter the effects of the toil of daily life. Any social group could provide a release from the pressures, but I can testify to the healthy benefits of gathering with fellow brothers in Christ, be it in small groups talking about daily issues and struggles, or gathering in a larger group to enjoy a recreational activity.

In the end though, it’s important to ensure that families have assistance from all quarters to maintain a unity that, because of tragic circumstances, some are not afforded. Men need to realise that hiding problems and worries behind a confident “macho” facade isn’t by any means the most effective way of carrying on with life, and seek help when they are in need of it, regardless of what people might think of your exposed weaknesses.


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  1. I just stopped by your blog and thought I would say hello. I like your site design. Looking forward to reading more down the road.

    Robert Michel

  2. […] as opposed to a “privileged” few (such as the national mens’ health policy that I briefly looked at a few days ago). Explore posts in the same categories: […]

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