Super Saviour

Colin Buchanan’s latest kids’ release arrived at Koorong Penrith today. The caricature of Colin pointing to the big slogan that is the album title looks quite humorous. However I was slightly surprised when someone was a bit quizzical about the title, saying that in his opinion it to a degree cheapened Jesus and his work.

I have to disagree. Children are generally fans of the typical superhero such as Superman, Batman and co, excited at the way in which they daringly rescue people from dangerous situations. They would be excited to hear that Jesus serves as the ultimate example of a superhero, rescuing people from the most dangerous of situations (a life separated from their creator) through his work of the cross. It’s good to present Jesus in such a manner that children will be effectively challenged and encouraged to respond to Jesus in love and thanksgiving, and I feel that Colin’s using the example of a superhero to good effect.

I haven’t listened to the CD, but if it’s anything like previous Colin CDs, it’ll be just as infectious, yet just as active in pointing to the truth of the Gospel in comparison to the worldly ways that children may be exposed to at such a young age.


3 Responses

  1. Indoctrinating children into a specific religion is plain wrong. If I were to indoctrinate my children to believe in Zeus or Thor people would raise their eyebrows. What proof do you have that the Bible is the word of god, compared to the 1000s of other gods that have been worshipped before.

    My honest and forthright opinion.

  2. I’m happy to address your points in a future (sooner rather than later) blog post – I know that whatever I may have to say may or may not sawy your thoughts, but I feel that I owe it to you to at least offer my reply, regardless of whether or not it reads more like a thesis than a paragraph long answer.

  3. […] Indoctrination and the Word of God Because I’d rather not ignore comments, especially from those I don’t know, I thought I’d give it a shot at responding to this question from Carlos Jackal, which came up in my post regarding Super Saviour: […]

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