Breakfast copycats

In what is becoming a rather amusing exchange of potshots between Channel 9’s Today and Channel 7’s Sunrise in the battle of the breakfast infotainment shows, David Koch has blamed a group of protesters who drowned out an outside segment of today’s episode of Sunrise on Nine, saying that it was an ambush related to a story on A Current Affair regarding the Channel 7 show National Bingo Night (where contestants have claimed that they were not paid prizemoney). This follows claims, once again from Seven, that the recent gain in viewership by Today was due to them copying elements of the Sunrise formula. Click here for the News Limited story.

Now I don’t watch either of the shows, instead preferring to check out news stories via Foxtel’s news channels and online news websites, but this seems rather petty and dumb, and the accusations are pretty unsurprising given the battles between programs that TV ratings provide.  I don’t know what benefit Kochie will get from what may well prove to be false accusations of Nine causing trouble, but all I would say if I was the producer of either show is to get on with providing what they think will attract viewers as opposed to programs that are merely uninspired clones of each other.


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