How does NSW parliament reward whistleblowers?

By sacking them, if the story of Gillian Sneddon is any evidence. The Sydney Morning Herald reports that because she helped gather evidence against former Labor minister Milton Orkopoulos, who was found guilty of paedophilia and drugs charges yesterday, her employment as electorate office in the seat of Swansea was terminated. Clearly, it’s another case of a woman’s career in ruins, simply because she was doing the right thing.

Regardless of whether or not it is a matter for parliament to investigate, Morris Iemma should stop skirting around the issue and take a step of initiative by asking for Sneddon to be reinstated. Unless, of course, he’s got some sort of deep seated resentment which helps to explain the overall attitude of him and his fellow Labor ministers. What Orkopoulos has been convicted of doing is truly disgraceful, and Swanson’s actions didn’t warrant a redundancy, but a word of gratitude from a government who doesn’t seem to want to hold its members accountable when they do something wrong.


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