Street racing story # I’ve lost count…

Another night, another few cars impounded after their owners had sudden rushes of blood and broke the speed limit. News Limited reports of 2 separate incidents where cars have exceeded speed limits by almost twice the permitted speed, and the motions of impounding the car, suspending the driver’s license and handing out a court notice have happened.

Why lock just the cars up? I don’t see the point of waiting almost 4 weeks from the time that the offence happened to when the offender appears in court. It’s a great opportunity for the perpetrator of what is becoming a truly ridiculous and careless crime to ignore their lack of licensing and just find another car that they can hoon around in. If the evidence is there, then why not take them into custody immediately, put them in a cell overnight and ensure that the fine is paid before the offender can return home?

Sure, it may sound slightly extreme, but in most occurrences such as this, it’s so black and white that the courts need not add such cases to the strained conveyor belt that is the justice system.


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