O Holy Night…a bad version.

A few of us at St Thomas’ have a fixation with New Zealand-based singer Wing, who has made a reputation for MIDI-accompanied cover songs, and her rather distinctive and (to some) horrible voice. It’s rather hilarious how songs made famous by AC/DC and the like can be made to sound so comical. Steve and I joked that she should be the headline act at our Family Fun Day during Good News Week, an opportunity that I would be most willing to chase up, even if I was threatened withremoval from the Anglican Church.

I got hold of this cover version of O Holy Night last year, by an unknown artist, and a comment from Dave in my Winamp post prompted me to share it with you.

Enjoy. (And no, it’s not a Rick Roll. I promise I’m not that type of person. Besides, I’ve already blogged about it here, so why should I throw it in again?)


2 Responses

  1. that’s a classic!!!

    is that you kristian???

  2. Call me a chicken, but I couldn’t listen all the way through.

    Makes me appreciate my friends. If that was me, my friends would not let me record it.

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