25 random Winamp tracks

Dave’s invited people to post their top 25 iTunes songs. Since I don’t use iTunes for my playback of music, I thought I’d load my music via Winamp (my player of choice), and catalogue the first 25 songs that come up with Playlist Shuffling toggled on. I’ve not included spoken word podcasts such as sermons, although Mark Driscoll will probably pop up once or twice as the player does its work.

  1. Forever (Third Day)
  2. Thy Word (Veggie Tales)
  3. Falling Off the Roof (Dave Matthews Band)
  4. Gravedigger (Dave Matthews)
  5. Come On Eileen (Dexy’s Midnight Runners)
  6. Chap Stick, Chapped Lips and Things Like Chemistry (Relient K)
  7. Don’t Look Back in Anger (Oasis)
  8. Jimi Thing (Dave Matthews Band)
  9. Glory (Audio Adrenaline)
  10. Love Song (Anberlin)
  11. Cats In the Kettle (Weird Al Yankovic)
  12. Walking in the Light (Hillsong)
  13. I Remember You (City on a Hill)
  14. Video webcast of Dave Matthews performing in a Virgin Records store in London on 13 November 2001
  15. Time and Time Again (Counting Crows)
  16. Burn For You (TobyMac)
  17. Above All (Michael W Smith)
  18. Don’t Burn the Pig (Dave Matthews Band)
  19. Love This Life (Crowded House)
  20. Nothing Compares (Third Day)
  21. Your Mother Should Know (The Beatles)
  22. Hunger For the Great Light (Dave Matthews Band)
  23. O Holy Night (Leigh Nash and Michael Tait)
  24. Carry Me Home (Third Day)
  25. With Arms Wide Open (Creed)

3 Responses

  1. hey kristian – nice winamp mix list!!

    how good is O Holy night! We should sing that more than just at Christmas!

  2. Thanks, Dave. I am now compelled to upload a version of O Holy Night that is truly…well, I’ll upload it and let it be downloaded so that people can judge for themselves.

    I think all Christmas carols should be sung more often – should have thrown one in for either of the Easter services that I pick songs for. I recall Hark the Herald Angels Sing being sung at KYLC a few years back and it was sung with as much gusto and conviction as it would have been a month earlier.

  3. Wot? No Wing?

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