The price of shoes in this day and age

As oil reaches $110 per barrel and interest rates rise faster than the humidity in Bangkok on a summer’s day, this seems to be a rather unorthodox commodity to refer to. But whilst doing some “research” for my dad, who has been given a recommendation for Brooks Addiction 7 joggers to help with a foot issue (not tinea, I’ll happily assume), I’ve discovered that they’ll probably cost him around $180 a pair. When I informed him of this, he looked about as shocked as anyone would look if they’d been told taht a relative had passed away, I reckon. He couldn’t believe it.

Sure, they’re specially designed to help people with flat arches, but it’s a small fortune for covering for your feet. Needless to say that my dad would want them to last a long time.

I, meanwhile, am rather price conscious when it comes to shoes. I’ve never bought a pair that have cost me over $100, I reckon, and looking at what I have, they’re not exactly brands you’d find at your local department store. I have Fila joggers, a couple of pairs of Rivers shoes, a pair of Colorados that I’ve had for 7 years and look almost as sturdy as the day I bought them, even though I’ve worn them pretty regularly in that period of time, and a pair of Omni slip ons. Sure, I don’t really have any specialised footwear except for a pair of Puma cricket shoes that I’ve all but grown out of, but quality footwear can be found, bought and comfortably worn without adding too much to an individual’s expenditure.


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