About to work on a new blog…

Mild mannered chrome dome Steve created a blog for St Thomas’ Anglican Church in Cranebrook last year during his 3 years with us (which came to an end last year). Now it has been “transformed” into a blog for the youth ministry at St Matthew’s Anglican Church, West Pymble (albeit with a completely unrelated URL, which I lovingly made fun of). Click here to view the blog that suffers from a slight case of mixed identity.

Since our church’s website is little more than a logo plus contact details, I thought I’d create and maintain a second blog that is devoted entirely to the goings on of the church. You can find it here, naturally in a very early stage of infancy, but hopefully it will turn into a useful tool for not only those who are part of the congregation, but those new to our area looking for a place to meet fellow siblings in Christ and be enriched by solid and faithful Bible teaching.

Disclaimer: Naturally, any jibes at the blog transformation are not intentional and merely an attempt to express humour. I wish its new facade and forthcoming content all the best.


2 Responses

  1. i agree, i was fiddling with it one night, looking for a way to get a stmatts one, and then realised you cant change the domain, you can have it if you want, but the other address seems nice to me, it matches everything else, probably better!

  2. Yeah, it does seem a bit dumb to not be able to change the domain if it’s available. I think thought that toms4christ matches everything else, so I’ll continue to run with that. Thanks for the offer though. 🙂

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