Indian Premier League auction Part 2 (plus other cricket news)

A second round of auctions is taking place for the Indian Premier League, reports Cricinfo. Not many major names or prices, but given that the big money was spent in the first auction and most squads have little money to throw at potential players, that’s no surprise.

Of particular amusement though is the choice of names created by a couple of the franchises – Kolkata Knight Riders (will KITT be a mascot?) and Delhi Daredevils are rather flamboyant and out there compared to the comparatively staid names found for teams in other sporting competitions.

Of course, the “postponment” of the Australian tour to Pakistan (whether it is more a cancellation than a postponment is open to debate) will enable the Australian players to ensure that they do earn part of their pay packets, as opposed to dodging potential terrorist targets across the border.

In related news, the 2nd test between New Zealand and England will get underway in Wellington on Thursday, and after a quite embarrassing 2nd innings performance by the English at Hamilton (bowled out for 110 chasing 300), English online betting agency bet365 seems to have forgotten previous form and installed England as favourites (13/8 compared to NZ at 2/1). Of course I don’t endorse betting, but thought it was quite a noble example of misguided national patriotism from a nation whose sporting stars promise so much but seemingly deliver the opposite too often.


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  1. I hope you managed to catch the results and ratings of the 2nd IPL auction – James Hopes was the major star!

    Though personally I feel Morne Morkel was the most value for money.

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