How to deal with unrepentant teenagers

Gemma Anscomb is England’s Corey Worthington – a teenager who used the Internet to advertise a party and turned her parents’ house into a warzone, and doesn’t care about what her actions have caused.

The story of a party that appears to have involved group sex, illicit drugs (which have placed the family pet’s life in danger) and teenagers trashing a house that is not theirs can be read about here. It’s rather disturbing, especially the confused reactions from young Gemma, ranging from some remorse to a coarse attack of her mother through her Beebo site.

If I were either of Gemma’s parents, I would find plenty of reasons to ensure that my daughter was not only punished privately, but perhaps held legally responsible for the stolen personal effects, illicit and illegal drugs, and general mess that “trespassers” have brought into their house. But it would be hard to know what the appropriate response is, so that Gemma may not simply run away from home, but come to realise and accept responsibility for her mistake, and pledge to help restore the house, and the parent/child relationship, to what it once was.

It’s sad that her mother feels guilty in that she asks herself where she went wrong, but in reality she probably has society to thank for her daughter’s actions rather than whatever attention and love she may not have given to Gemma. She’s at that age where adolescents can almost be on the precipice of either staying on the safe side of the line, or stepping over it to be encased in the so called euphoria of underage drinking, drugs and sex. It’s not too late for her to turn around and change her ways, and ensure that when she reaches adulthood, her life’s not ruined by the powerful grasp of these vices.


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