Why do current affairs shows reward loonies?

Aussie current affairs shows are renowned for shelling out big bucks to outdo each other and secure deals with newsmakers. If a friend of the GABBA’s streaker is to be believed, Nine’s A Current Affair enabled Robert Ogilvie to pay his (rather low) $1500 fine, plus pocket a further $6000 for his troubles. (see News Limited website story here).

Notwithstanding the argument over whether the GABBA should take a leaf out of other Aussie sporting venues and impose larger mandatory fines and life bans from the venues, it begs the question of how irrelevant current affairs shows are becoming, with their driftng away from the real issues of the day and into lifestyle/infotainment type television. If Today Tonight or ACA feel compelled to pay people money for that exclusive interview, they should by all means disclose it and clear the conjecture that instances such as this one may create. In that case, advertisers may decide whether or not their money is being well spent, and viewers will be able to more clearly ascertain whether their evening viewing could be substituted for a more worthwhile activity.


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