Another plug for my Vintage Jesus bulk buy proposal

I’m up to “Why should we worship Jesus” in the Vintage Jesus podcast series and can’t say enough about the faithful responses that Mark Driscoll brings to the various questions. Thus I thought I might bump my idea to get interested people into a bulk buy from of the book based on these sermons.

For example, if I bought 6 copies of the book, it would cost US $116.47 or thereabouts (which is about $128ish in Aussie bucks). Thus if 5 people joined me in the buy, it would cost us all about $21 each. I would have them delivered to my address, then forward your copy to you via post or pickup…whatever method best suits you. Remember that it will cost you about $36 when it eventually arrives in Australia and is on Koorong’s bookshelves. The more people who are keen, the less it may cost per person. Conversely, the less people, the more it might cost, but still a fair bit less than $36.


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  1. You have no idea who I am, but I was one of Steve’s Youth way back down when he was in Dapto, but I would be willing to be a member of this plan.

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