Nine Inch Nails release new album…for download

Similar to what Radiohead did with their In Rainbows album, Trent Reznor is releasing the latest NIN release online. For $5 US, you can download the entire 36 tracks of Ghosts I-IV in a range of media formats (mp3, FLAC or AAC to be exact), or the first 9 tracks for free. There are optional packages with the album available in CD, DVD, Blu-Ray and vinyl formats.

I’m not a big NIN fan, but have one of the previous albums. Plus $5 isn’t too much of a hefty investment.


2 Responses

  1. $5US isn’t a lot of money for 36 tracks… so we should use this opportunity.

  2. […] Inch Nails freebie A little over 2 months after Trent Reznor made NIN release Ghosts I-IV available for downloading for $5 US, he is giving away the new album The Slip. Fans can download either high quality MP3 or lossless […]

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