Little obnoxious weeds

Matthew Hayden will face a charge of making a “detrimental public comment” after his outburst against Harbhajan Singh during an interview on Brisbane’s Triple M yesterday. Fox Sports reports that hearing is currently taking place at Cricket Australia’s headquarters.

The amount of name calling, spite and immature behaviour on both sides since the Indian tour commenced has been rather embarrassing for all concerned. Sledging has indeed become a “necessary evil” of the game, in whilst at times it can be light hearted banter between opposing players, it is all too easy for one comment to exceed the bounds of decency and cause uproar. This particular comment in my opinion was one such excessive comment.

Haydos is a player I admire for his general portrayal of what being an Aussie male is, but these sort of cheap shots contradict the persona that we’re more used to seeing him display. Harbhajan may well be annoying, but one can express that feeling in a manner that is sure to not stir what is already a pot heating up faster than it needs to. Players from both sides need to realise that the summer has been already marred by the whole “monkey” incident and the fallout from that, and that all the public are interested in is seeing this summer of cricket end on a positive note, regardless of whoever wins.

As an aside though, Haydos should know that weeds are noxious.


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  1. Well said, Kristian. But this rot cannot be stopped now. All in all, I see that the next few months are going to be really interesting.

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