French woman pleads “Let me die”

A tragic story appears on the News Limited website, where 52 year old Chantal Sebire has appealed to the French government to let her end her own life. Horrible disfigurement and pain characterises her struggle with esthesioneuroblastoma (ENB), an uncommon malignant neoplasm of the nasal vault. In layman’s terms, it’s a cancer that has robbed her of all of her senses.

The euthanasia debate is most certainly a sensitive matter, where cases such as this are brought forward as an argument for the legalisation of the practice in those countries where it is outlawed. Being a person who by virtue of my Christian faith upholds the value and preciousness of life, it’s very difficult to reconcile that with seeing what is most evidently a cruel disease cause this woman prolonged suffering. It may be well and good to say that she should be given the choice to end her life and the prolonged suffering, but would God permit such a response?

I’d particularly like to hear what fellow believers think about the issue and why. It may help me respond in a compassionate, yet faithful manner with regards to the topic in general.


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  1. […] had a rare face tumor called esthesioneuroblastoma, which took her senses of taste and smell in 2000 and partial eyesight last […]

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