V8 Supercar driver Ashley Cooper dies following Adelaide crash

The Adelaide Advertiser reports on the sad passing of this young driver in the Fujitsu development series, after a crash on a part of the Adelaide track that has seen numerous accidents in the years that the V8s have raced there.

As a keen follower of motorsport, I extend my condolences to Ashley Cooper’s family. I also think that the organisers of the Clipsal 500 would do good to consider how they can increase the safety of the crash barrier on the left side of Turn 8.

One such consideration should be a design similar to what has been installed at the world renowned Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The SAFER Barrier was designed in order to decrease the risk of serious injury or death in a high speed crash (which, given top speeds of nearly 400km/h in qualifying at the Indy 500, is always a distinct possibility), and combines the concrete wall with a polystyrene/steel tubing mix, and has been proven to reduce injury risk several times in race events.

Now, given that it is easily one of the highest speed corners in Australian motor racing, and the numerous accidents that have occured in that areaof the track, such an innovation would be worth consideration. The circuit is being reprofiled for next season’s race, so some investment in increasing the safety would be worth it, given the loss of life that has sadly happened this past weekend.


2 Responses

  1. My thoughts and prayers are with Ashleys family and friends.As a resident of the town Ashley comes from and knowing some of his family and friends it will hit the people here extremely hard.

  2. i pray for him

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