MKC 2008 – Overview

This weekend saw the 2nd of the Katoomba Mens Conventions take place at the Christian convention site at Katoomba. Overall, it was, as usual, a tremendously challenging experience, in that the speakers expressed the truths of the Gospel in ways that would make men sit up and think.

For the uninitiated, any MKC is a very action packed and intense 24 hour period, commencing on a Friday night, then running on Saturday from roughly 9am-5pm.  Each session is a mix of a Bible reading and teaching, interviews, book reviess and singing and lasts approximately an hour and a half. These are punctuated by breaks for morning and afternoon tea, and lunch. Depending on the sort of week you’ve had, it can at times be a test of stamina as (generally not because of the speaker) some men struggle a bit to remain on focus. I joined a few of my fellow church mates in a round of golf at Katoomba Golf Club during the day on Friday, meaning that I had the chance to approach the weekend more refreshed than I might have been had I worked on Friday, then driven up to Katoomba from just outside Penrith as the sun set and traffic became busier.

Similar to what Gordon Cheng has done in his blog, I will give a snapshot of my thoughts coming from each of the 3 speakers who spoke during the convention (Richard Coekin, Kanishka Raffel and Anthony Petterson). I found all 3 of them easy to listen to, and God spoke powerfully and practically through each of them. There’s always a wealth of new things to consider when reflecting on what has been said theough the duration of one of these conventions, and I hope that my ponderings may be able to perhaps prompt some discussion and lead you to consider where God may be speaking to you (or, if you were at the convention, how he impacted you through what was said).

Reflections on Coekin’s exposition of Hebrews 11 to follow soon.


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