More trouble at Macquarie St

Following on from the continued furore over the ICAC “sex for development” scandal, which has reached into the NSW Labor cabinet, reports suggest that former state rural fire chief and current Environment Minister Phil Koperberg will stand down from his portfolio due to ill health.

I tend to agree with Barry O’Farrell’s statement that Koperberg has been at his least comfortable since winning the seat of Blue Mountains last March and being immediately promoted into Cabinet. During the past decade, at the times that Sydney faced fearful summer conditions and bushfires threatened to engulf suburban homes, Koperberg, in his position in the Rural Fire Service magnificently coordinated efforts to rescue homes and lives. Sadly because of the presence of innuendo and scandal, he hasn’t had the chance to properly deal with the many important issues relating to the environment.

With the report suggesting the slightest of reshuffles to cater for Koperberg’s stepping down, perhaps Iemma should consider a cleanout or mass reshuffle. The corruption scandal, the fallout from the Bathurst Hospital and T-card fiascos, and numerous other State government issues presided over by incompetent ministers should be a clear signal that change is to be made if Labor is to start to gain the trust of NSW citizens.


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