Is a dog who mauls a person a “non-risk”?

According to the owner of a pit bull who was shot dead with a nailgun whilst it mauled her younger sister, the answer to this question is no. (Courtesy Livenews)  Evidently she appears to be ignorant of the pain that Diesel the dog has caused to her sister, who will undoubtedly need further operations on her injured calf muscle.

Do we tend to elevate family pets to an unhealthy level, becoming defensive of them when they harm others? It reminds me of the story of the young toddler who was mauled by the family dog, leading her mother to defend the dog instead of showing a greater concern for her son. A dog can be an unpredictable creature, especially breeds such as Staffordshires and pit bulls with reputations of lashing out and attacking when they may be provoked. Of course it’s sad that a pet has died in this instance, but which is greater? The life of a pet or the life of a human who was on the unfortunate end of a mauling attack?


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