An “ode” to our postal system

Courtesy of Gordon. I think it could have been tossed in the wind from A to B quicker myself. Given the success that this letter had in reaching Matthias Media’s “HQ” in Kingsford from Lidcombe, I wonder when my car registration renewal will end up in the letterbox at my house (I did end up going to the RTA and getting a replacement).

But on the topic of stamps. I’m by no means a philatelist (as much as I love the word), but I personally don’t see the benefit in a price rise from 50c to 55c. 50c was an excellent rounded figure, so that those who only buy one stamp (and let’s face it, with the presence of email, it would probably be a minority who regularly use stamps and would buy books of 10) could be assured that they wouldn’t receive much in loose change. Maybe I’m just a loose change-a-phobe, but 55c seems a rather inconvenient price rise unless you bought a book of 10.

Anyway, enough of my rambling. How often do you send snail mail, thus necessitating the use postage stamps?


2 Responses

  1. are you using google reader for your rss?

  2. I don’t use RSS…but Windows Live Mail has an RSS function that I may use in the future.

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