50 Cent believes that America would kill Obama if elected

News Limited reports that this US rapper has endorsed Hillary Clinton for this rather bizarre reason. I can’t imagine an influential female entertainer endorsing Barack Obama because the US wasn’t ready to elect the former First Lady to the office of Commander in Chief. If anything, 50 Cent should be affirming his fellow African American and pointing to his positive attributes rather than casting doubt on his worthiness for the position because of his race.


3 Responses

  1. Please dont tell me the constituents are starting to get their political commentary from fitty?

  2. Why not? Mr Cent does know about getting shot . . . that makes him an expert!

    Millions of articulate, moral, decent, wonderful African Americans (I have had the pleasure of meeting but some of them) suffer and cringe because of this fool. Black people deserve to be in the White House, not sitting outside in the gutter listening to this sweaty pimp and his mouth-noises.

  3. Hear hear, well said.

    Obama is an impressive role model and man. He does seem to be a little shallow on policy, however, meaning that he might be found out if he has to face off with (ah) McCain. (Youve done it again!)

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