Michael Horton reviews Joel Osteen’s “Becoming a Better You”

Read it here. Horton is forthright in outlining the flaws in what seems to be another book from this megachurch pastor that borders on self help/popular psychology. I haven’t read this book, but I listened to Osteen reading his “Your Best Life Now” in audiobook form a couple of years ago and was rather concerned at the inaccurate picture of Christianity that he paints, where the reality of sin and judgment are seemingly ignored to focus on the positive aspects of the faith.

I’m challenged to consider whether I should be persuasive in seeing this book not promoted in the mailing literature of my employer, in favour of solid books that outline the truth of the Gospel faithfully and without distorting the Scriptures into something that they’re not. I objected to a book that denied the divinity of Christ and it was taken off the shelves, and while this book may not contain as blatant a heresy as this, it is still a danger to those new to the faith who may be led down a path leading to disillusionment and doubt. I remember cringing a bit when I first saw it, and to see forum comments that imply that it’s a recommended book leave me asking myself what I can do to defend the doctrine that I so strongly affirm.


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  1. I watched Joel Osteen last year on US television. We should pray for this bloke because he has a lot going for him. I liked almost all of what he said, up until the part where he said that his philosophies if applied would make you a better buddhist etc. He has sadly taken the good things of God (which work) and has effectively taken comittment to God out of them, leaving a smiley feel-good positive feeling religion which cannot offend anyone (?) . . . and will probably make him lots of money, which of course justifies his grandiose claims. And the gullible purchasers (who could sponsor a child with the cost of the books and DVDs) will probably experience success in their own lives, too: if you are self-oriented you will probably get what you want more often than not.

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