Worse and worserer…

Bad grammar, I know, but the only title I could think of in the context of an exclusive Sydney Morning Herald poll. In a nutshell, the people of NSW (as represented by 550 polled residents) are losing trust in the State Government in the key areas of transport, hospitals and roads. This, of course, has been on clear display as reports of the terrible state of the health system continue to surface, and traffic gridlock reminds motorists that they are patrons of a transport network with more problems than one would care to mention.

If there is any consolation, results imply that the State Opposition, led by Barry O’Farrell (a name that only a handful of the participants seemed to know), are faring even worse. This isn’t really surprising, given that when a perilous situation surfaces, there’s rarely the sight of an Opposition spokesman to prompt the Government into more urgent remedial action that doesn’t just invove word spin.

All points to the fact that Labor still have a lot of work to do, and are either still where they were last March, or heading backwards as opposed to the right direction. And the Coalition need to pull their finger out and do what an effective Opposition should do.


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